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Press: 101.9 FM Vancouver – First radio airplay!!!

December 7, 2011

I met Oswaldo Perez at the Music BC Schmusic Party last year and found out that he is not only a Spanish poet/writer but also the voice behind The Morning After Show on CITR 101.9 FM! He's been so kind and helpful and just yesterday, he played Freeze Up and Telescope for the first time on the radio! I was at my work when he told me it would be airing, so I went to their website and listened to the station there. I had Vik on the phone with me and he was listening on the real radio. They put their CITR "T-Shirts" radio advertising on the beginning of the song too - we laughed when we heard it - it was very unexpected but it gave that radioesque touch! The music itself sounded really well put together and when I heard it, it felt surreal. You can listen here: (!!!)

101.9 FM Vancouver

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Ohhh and some exciting news!!! Oswaldo has invited me to his radio station on the Tuesday December 20th at 11:00 AM to join him on his show - which would make it first official radio interview for the EP! Please tune in to listen if you can! You can also stream off of too. :)

Be sure to check out more great talent from "The Morning After Show" podcasts with Oswaldo Pérez.

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  • Esjay

    Awesomeee … imagine how many people must have heard your music … too cool