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Tea Cupboard Spice Magick!

April 4, 2012

I'm starting a White Magick cupboard! Right now its just a bunch of tins and plastic containers in a paper bag, but I'll find a place for my tea/spice/herb collection soon.

So why am I starting a Magick cupboard? A couple people I really care about have high cholesterol and I'm determined to help them lower it naturally. Was researching online to see what would be good to help lower the bad and raise the good and I stumbled across Cayenne Pepper, White Tea and Green Rooibos Tea.


I'm used to drinking hot sauce, so having Cayenne Pepper tea for me isn't really anything too intense (the first glass I had made my stomach burn a bit, but that's about it) The full dosage is a teaspoon of the ground pepper mixed in a cup of warm water. You can start off with 1/8th of a teaspoon and work your way up. I bought my Cayenne from Superstore. Freshly ground pepper is obviously much better, but if you can't find it fresh, you can pick up a bottle for around $5 at any grocery store.

"If you master only one herb in your life, master cayenne pepper. It is more powerful than any other." Dr. Schulze

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper (

1. Regulates your blood circulation
2. Helps treat varicose veins
3. Helps treat toothaches
4. Lowers cholesterol
5. Good source of Vitamin A
6. Helps destroy cancer cells
7. Helps to rebuild stomach lining
8. Stimulates the appetite and helps you digest food better
9. Heals inflammation and acne
10. Good for heartburn
11. Gets rid of mucus...

And the list goes on! The one "Magick" of this spice that really grabbed my attention is that it can stop a heart attack in less than one minute!! From now on I'm going to carry some powder everywhere I go... just incase.


The White Tea that I got is the Organic Spring White Pearl. It has a really fragile, buttery taste to it. Since it does have some caffeine, it's better to drink it in the morning. There are lots of other White Teas to choose from - I can't wait to try them all!
Once the container I have finishes, I'm going to try the Silver Needle.

White Tea Benefits (I got this list from

1. Contains loads of antioxidants
2. Prevents cancer
3. Lowers blood pressure
4. Lowers cholesterol
5. Protects heart
6. Strengthens bones
7. Makes your skin glow

To get the health benefits of White Tea, it's recommended that you drink 4 cups a day. I reuse my tea leaves and steep them for several minutes longer second time around.


I used to serve Red Rooibos tea at the Waves coffee house I worked at a couple of years ago. I never realized that the reason it was red was because the leaves had been fermented. The unfermented "Green" version of it has more antioxidants than the red one. When buying this tea, look for loose leaves instead of the tea bags. David's Tea had a great big tin of fresh Green Rooibos for $10.

Here are some benefits of this lovely caffeine-free Green Tea (You can read more at

1. Reduces risk of heart disease
2. Lowers bad cholesterol and raises the good
3. Helps you absorb vitamin C
4. Helps aid headaches
5. Calms and reduces tension
6. High levels of antioxidants

Let me know if you have taken or want to try some of these "Magik" concoctions - I'd like to hear your experiences!

P.S. A special thanks to my friend, Carra, who told me about David's Tea! Its a bit pricey, but worth it! Some of the blends there are so magical... jelly beans, popcorn, flowers that bloom in your cup...I stumbled across one tea that smelled like hot chocolate... definitely somewhere to go for a short, inspirational field trip!