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COOKIE MONSTERS WANTED to Support Anti-Bullying Themed Music Video

October 19, 2012

I'm getting super excited about my music video for my single "Freeze Up".... and even better, Vikaash and I have given the video an "Anti-Bullying" theme to raise awareness, but more importantly encourage people to seek help and to give it for both the bullied and bullies alike. When I read about Amanda Todd's suicide and saw her tragic YouTube video, I thought of how many victims of bullying there are out there. It reminded me of how fragile people are and how important it is to help anyone and everyone in the best way I know how.

My little cousin , Anish, and I spoke to a couple of schools about the Anti-Bullying music video idea and how we could work together to spread the word and have students take part in some scenes of the video. Anish's teacher loved the ideas and he and his humble class of 25 generously offered to go out and raise $800 for us to put towards the film equipment rentals...but I politely declined -- I felt it would be rude to take money from kids who are currently working towards raising money for building an entire school in Africa (amazing or what?!?). Instead, I've have decided to raise the extra $800 or more in my own special way.

How, you ask? By baking Hallowe'en cookies!!! (muhahahahaaa)

I call the cookies "Mr. Monsters" because each cookie looks like a monster head. Meet Mr. Fang, the school principal at Little Misery Makers School of Monstery:

$3 for 6 cookies or $5.50 for a dozen (regretfully, I cannot send them by mail).

If you order 2 dozen or more, I'll give you a free palm reading -- if, of course, you're into that stuff! If not, I'll give you a free cookie! ♥

Here's a list of the ingredients I used to create the monster's chocolatey blood, brain and bone:

“Freeze Up” – a loverly free download

February 26, 2012

From the bottom to the very top of my heart, I present to you a limited time free mp3 download of "Freeze Up" -- a song about the guy or girl who gets you shy, but makes you want to sing from green grass to bright blue skies.

The first 200 downloads will be free, just click "Buy now" and enter "0.00" as the price. After that, you can name your price, from pennies to millions and bazillions of dollars if you please!


An intimate EP release party – December 4, 2011

December 6, 2011

Thank you to everyone who came out to share this night with me -- I was only expecting around 20 people... but over twice as many bums squeezed in to make it even cozier!!! There was a bit of improvising, but I'm really glad that everyone left the venue smiling. Definitely a night I will never ever forget for so many wonderful reasons. C:

Here's some behind-the-scenes footage from the release, starting with balloons!

And photos, provided by the Rilakkuma-loving Raymond Kam!

Shalini vs. Esjay (The DesiMethod Playlist)

May 19, 2011

Shalini presents: Freeze Up

May 3, 2011

Live at The Cultch, Vancouver

Shalini presents: Freeze Up

July 27, 2009

Live at desiFEST 2009, Vancouver
Filmed by: Raymond Kam