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Winston Hauschild

January 3, 2012

Many fans have asked, "Who is Winston?"

And so, on the 13th day of the 12th month of the 11th year of this millennium, Vikaash Prasad and Shalini Kumar took part in conversation with one Winston Hauschild, producer (and guitarist, bass guitarist, synth keyboardist and glockenspiel-ist) of the Shalini EP.

Studio Days – “The Life of the Mind” Track Preview!

May 30, 2011

Here is a preview of one of my tracks entitled "The Life of the Mind"! This is a video clip of Winston adding some surfy-rock electric guitar to give the second half of the song an edgy personality. The guitar did a good job turning the mundane "office life" in the beginning of the song into a "dreamland of dark adventure" and there's a great yin/yang balance between dark and sweet throughout. Bottom line is that I definitely see some dead looking clowns in the music video... maybe a fun house. Maybe we can use my Hallowe'en mask... I wonder if Don will let me borrow his office at work to shoot the first half of the video? Or maybe I can ask my uncle at Royal Banquet Hall if we can use it to shoot in the day time. I wonder if we could use Vik's green screen... and I wonder where the smoke machine from Wal Mart has gone to. Hmmmm...

Where am I going, am I still awake?
The Life of the Mind is calling me telling me
That there's a place I can surely escape
If I follow the bright yellow sign
To the Life of the Mind

Studio Days – Fadermaster

May 12, 2011

(I thought I'd share my experience at the Fadermaster studio with you!)

Today was the first time I've played a real, upright piano to be tracked in a soundproof studio.  It all seemed so surreal, and my mind kept on wandering off in different directions as I was playing, but all in all, I think that the outcome will be really really good.  The drums were also tracked by Niko (  I have to admit that in the beginning, I was skeptical of having drums going through the entire album.

Probably because on Garageband, I don't bother using any of the loops and use the piano (the percussion instrument it is) to play in a way the drums would to keep a basic beat going.  But Garageband drum loops vs.  real live drummer = big huge difference.